Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I go to subscribe?

Click here to go to the Subscribe page.

Look for the box that says “Subscribe for free.”


You can find the box that says “Subscribe for free” on every page of the website. See picture below.

screen shot how to subscribe


How do I subscribe?

Type in your email address and hit “Join.” You’ll be asked to type in your email address again, as well as your Zip Code. Your name is optional.


Why should I subscribe? Can’t I just read the articles on the web site?

When you subscribe, every week you will receive the magazine in your e-mail. It will have information on upcoming events, coverage of recent events and lots of ideas for gardens right here in Western New York. Subscribing is the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything. And it’s free! If you prefer to just read the articles on the website, that’s fine, too!



I don’t live in Western New York. May I subscribe?

Of course! We know that tourists, residents of neighboring counties and former residents of Erie and Niagara Counties are interested in gardening, too. Our magazine, like Western New York itself, is too wonderful to try to keep to ourselves. If you enjoy our magazine, you are welcome to subscribe.


How can my gardening organization get events on your Upcoming Events Page?

We post events for free for nonprofit organizations and for advertisers. You can e-mail the information to me at Please make sure to include the address of the place where you are meeting; people from other towns may not know where a community center or church is located. Please tell me what the event is, the time, day, date, place and address. Optional: If you have someone who is willing to respond to questions about the event from our readers, include a phone number or e-mail address to be included in the post. Include other information that is relevant to the event. Please  send information only  for events that are open to the public. You don’t have to wait to send us your information; you may send us all of your dates for the coming year at one time if you like. We try to post the information as soon as we get it. We publish the magazine on Tuesdays, so make sure you get an event to us before the Monday preceding your event.


Is there a way to see a larger version of the photos on the web site?


When you are on the page with the full article, click on the photo. You will be taken to another page where the photo is still the same size. Click on the photo once again, and the photo will redraw much larger.

You should be able to view larger versions of all of the garden photos using this method. (A few photos were contributed to me and are in a smaller format, so this won’t work on them.)


Do you speak to groups?


f you’d like an entertaining and informative gardening talk, illustrated with lots of great photos, contact me.

In “Express Your Personality,” I show you the gardens of folks I’ve met writing articles for and show how their gardens reflect their lifestyles and personalities. I’ll share their gardening tips along the way. The presentation aims to motivate you to be creative in your garden and share your personality.

In “45 Gardening Tips in 45 minutes,” I share some of the best tips I’ve come across while interviewing home gardeners and gardening experts. Of course, this presentation can be adjusted to fit various time frames.

Please contact Connie Oswald Stofko at (716) 833-5187 or



I deleted the email of last week’s issue by mistake. How can I find that information?

Let’s say you wanted to find information about Plantasia that was going to be held the next week.

On the website, you can use the search tool to locate the article you want. The search tool is underneath the subscribe box. Type in Plantasia and you’ll get all of the articles with Plantasia in them.

search tool on Buffalo-NiagaraGardening




Go below the search box and you’ll see a listing of keywords under the heading “Topics.” Since Plantasia is an upcoming event, you can click on the topic Upcoming Events, and the article you’re looking for will come up as a choice.

keyword cloud Buffalo-NiagaraGardening









If you just wanted the times and dates for an upcoming event, you could find that information on the  Events Page. Find Events in the black ribbon across the top.

Find more information on all the features of our Events section here.



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